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theBASSguys can provide a manufacturer and supplier of sport fishing products a new and different kind of website that will help them build more brand awareness and loyalty among "THOUSANDS" of Northeastern USA and Canadian anglers. These anglers are now seeing action based full color pictures and video of how sport fishing products performed for theBASSguys on home waters that they don't get to see from traditional media in our targeted regions.

We are working hard to make theBASSguys website to be the GO TO website for anglers in our geographic regions who want to see how a product being sold performs on familiar waters they fish on and that was field evaluated, not by pros, but by guys just like THEM. We think this is a winning formula because since launching our site (as of Sept. 2013) we have enjoyed thousands of visitors to our site! And our social media exposure via FaceBook Friends now totals over "5,000", and of this number 2,300 LIKED what they saw!!

theBASSguys banner advertising program has been completely revamped to provide maximum exposure to clients that advetise with us. Rather then offering tiered banner placement, and price ranges across multiple pages of our site, we are now providing placement of your banner (fixed or animated 468 X 60) on "EVERY" single page of the site for "ONE" fee! Where else can you go to get exposure and a deal like this?


Here is another reason to advertise with us ...our independant Google Anlytics reports show that our "pageviews" volume has grown to over 110,500 pageviews... what this means is your banner has the potential of being seen by thousands of "targeted" anglers and boaters each and every month! And 26% of these visitors revisit our site every day!

And there is more... theBASSguys social promotion acitivty with Facebook is an ongoing activity for us as well. We always notify our 5,000 plus Facebook Friends of all trips we post to the site and we always include video of the products we promote.

We are not done yet... whenever we produce video of our trips we post them to our Youtube account to increase exposure of what we are doing. We have 90 plus videos posted to Youtube and that means even more exposure!

We also have a Media Kit that shows you our target market and fan base here to view the kit


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Advertise With Us and Reach THOUSANDS of Anglers

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