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Ashokan Reservoir NY Smallmouth Bass Fishing with Soft Plastic Baits

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  • The Warrior 4" Teaser Tube was the most productive plastic bait used on this trip. You can get some of these great plastics at the Warrior website and be sure to tell them theBASSguys sent you :) ... GO HERE
  • The Hook Safe comes in various sizes and will accomodate most fresh and saltwater lures / hooks you have in your box. They have a large version that will even cover a large saltwater plug.
  • Dan hooks up his first Smallmouth Bass of the day on the Warrior Baits 4' Teaser Tube.
  • Dan hooks up another nice Smallmouth Bass on the Teaser Tube.
  • Now its AL's turn to hook up a nice jumping Smallmouth Bass!
  • Now it does not get ANY better then this as a fishermen... we get "DOUBLES" on the Teaser Tube we were both using !! Check out the video to see this action !!
  • Dan sets up the Hook Safe for the trip back to shore. This is an outstanding product every fishermen should have in his / her tackle box. GO HERE to get some of these for yourself and be sure to tell them theBASSguys sent you :)
  • MANUFACTURERS... We can put your sport fishing products in front of thousands of targeted eyeballs for a fraction of the cost you would normally spend to do this!


Watch the video to see the Warrior 4" Teaser Tube plastic bait in action, and how we use the Hook Safe product!


Location: Ashokan Reservoir Shokan, NY

Product Demo Trip - May 10, 2015

Air Temp: Average 84 degrees
Water Temp: Average 62.8 
Fish caught: Smallmouth Bass
Water Quality: Very clear
Lures / Products: WARRIOR Baits, and the HOOK SAFE
 7.2 foot medium fast.
Reels: Spinners
Line: 8 lb mono, and 12 lb braid with fluorocarbon leader.

Note: pay attention to local rules and regulations before heading out for a day fishing on waters you are not familiar with.

We received some really nice looking plastic baits from WARRIOR BAITS that we were really anxious to try, along with a brand new product that we have never seen before... HOOK SAFE!

This was not the first time that we field trialed Warrior products as we field tested their metal Buzz Baits last year with super results. We put many Largemouth Bass in the boat with those lures and we hoped for the same results with their new plastics... we were not disappointed.

Hook Safe is a marvelous product that will completely eliminate the days of hooking your clothing, your buddies, other rods, car seats etc. with lures that most of us just attach to the rod eyelet. The design of this product completely eliminates those nasty problems.

 The GUYS... Dan, AL, Pete and Jimmy traveled to upstate New York to our favorite fishing hole to give these new products a solid field trial. The water on this reservoir is crystal clear and on a bright sunny day (like the one we experienced on this trip) can make catching fish a real challange, especially the Smallmouth Bass!

We used the Warrior 4" Teaser Tube along with some other plastics they provided for most of the day. The Smally's just hammered the Teaser Tube so we stuck with what worked. As you can see in the still images and the video we did not have any trouble boating the Smallmouth Bass we were targeting ! This bait did the job over and over again ... hook it through the nose with the circle hook barb just touching the bait top of the bait head, no lead is used... cast it out, let it sink, and wait for the STRIKE that will shortly come :)

We started using the Hook Safe from our home base because a car load of gear was a great way to see how this ingenious product performed. And it performed as advertised ... we had no trouble at all with lure hooks snagging on to something. And as you can see from video it worked just as well in the small boat we were using. This product is well worth the cost because it just makes traveling with exposed hooks a breeze.

Warrior Baits


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