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"NOTHING" like OUR website FORMAT is being done by anyone else in the sport fishing area and we think this will be a definite advantage for the manufacturers and suppliers who decide to let theBASSguys promote and feature their products to our ever increasing community of interested anglers.

Here is one reason to let theBASSguys feature your product...our independant Google Anlytics reports show that our "pageviews" volume has grown to over 106,000 views... what this means is your banner has the potential of being seen by thousands of "targeted" anglers and boaters each and every month! And 26% of these visitors revisit our site every day!

And there is more... theBASSguys social promotion acitivty with Facebook is an ongoing activity for us as well. We always notify our 5,000 plus Facebook Friends of all trips we post to the site and we always include pictures or video of the products we feature.

We are not done yet... whenever we produce video of our trips we post them to our Youtube account to increase exposure of what we are doing. We have 86 plus videos posted to Youtube and that means even more exposure!

So why not take advantage of this unique opportunity to feature your lures and sport fishing equipment to our visitor base of "thousands" ... Canyon Reels, KastKing, Super Fishing Tackle, Okuma, Rat-L-Trap Lures, Livingston Lures and Carrot Stix Rods signed up with us to feature and promote their products on the many trips we took this season. You can see how we did this in our Trip Pages. Join them and sign up now because space and time will be limited as we approach the 2017 season!!

We offer two distinct product promotion plans... Plan 1A and Plan 2A

Under Plan 2A your product will be included on a custom designed Trip Web Page that will be built with still images of the product (6 minimum) on one of our fresh or saltwater fishing trips. This page will include brief written commentary under each image of the products performance and how it was used, along with a more detailed image of the product(s). Under this program NO video is taken and your product will share equal space with other products from other manufacturers / suppliers.


Below is a sample of how your product will be promoted under PLAN 2A
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KastKing, CarrotStix, Livingston Lures, Rat-L-Trap Lures

SIGN UP for the Product Promotion Plan 2A



Sign up now and get all of the below for "only" - $150

We will take still images of the product being used on fresh or saltwater fishing trips taken by us. The product will be clearly displayed in HD still images / pictures.

Equipment and gear received by us will be displayed in the recommendation sections of each trip taken along with appropriate commentary.

Images of the products used by us will be posted with links for direct purchase from a site of your choosing.

Any gear, clothing, or fishing related equipment will be of the Manufacturer's choosing but must be of “good quality” and workmanship.

TheBASSguys web site will be updated promptly with pictures of this trip and our Facebook, Member & Subscriber lists will be alerterd via special emailed Bulletins we generate for this purpose..

A custom Product Trip Page link will be prominently displayed on our Home Page alerting our visitors to new products that were evaluated and field tested by us.

Please note that TheBASSguys will retain ownership of any product provided to us for field evaluation.

Your TBG Plan #2a Trip Page has no expiration date. It will always be acessable to our visitors under the appropriate menu bar item Trip Pages, Featured Lures, Featured Rods, Featured Reels, Featured Boat Equipment .

Let Us Feature Your Products To THOUSANDS of Anglers

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