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Stripe Bass fishing on the Hackensack River NJ


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  • We are entering the lake at this point from the road. North Hudson Lake is part of the Hudson County Park system.
  • We arrive just in time to see some anglers... AL and his KIds pull in a really nice Largemouth Bass.
  • AL let's the writer check out their fish as the Kids watch. This was a super nice fish for this lake!
  • Dad taking a picture of this prized Bass to show the Family when they get home..
  • Dan hooks up a Rainbow Trout
  • Here is another shot of that Trout jumping
  • Dan hooks up a Largemouth!
  • Another shot of that Bass coming out of the water.
  • This is a really nice size Largemouth for this lake!
  • Despite the heavy pressure on these fish it seems that they are finding ways to survive in this environment. This guy is no minow!
  • Pete hooks up a really nice 11" to 12" Rainbow Trout
  • To be successful at this lake you need to constantly move. If you get no hits in the frist 5 minutes ... MOVE!
  • We gave the Tom's Taz Lure a try too! It had "outstanding action", and fish were always following it, but we could not get the hatchery Trout to strike. Next time we will try a smaller lighter version of the lure because it would definately have produced strikes!
  • We just got these Steel Shad lures and were anxious to give them a try! But after only a few casts it snagged on a under water branch and it broke off (we only brought 1 with us). We were certain this lure would be a BASS magnet!
  • James J Braddock North Hudson County Park Lake, North Bergen, NJ
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Largemouth Bass and a Rainbow Trout caught from shore!

LOCATION: North Hudson Lake, NJ


Air Temp: average 55 degrees
Water Temp: average 48.8 
Fish caught: Largemouth Bass & Rainbow Trout
Water Quality: clear
Lures: no live bait was used, all fish were caught and released on artificial bait... 1/4oz & 1/8oz gold colored metal lure.

Rods: 6.6 fast tip to 7.3 foot medium light.
Reels: Spinners
Line: 6 lb to 8 lb mono. No leaders.

Our boat was out of commission due to a engine fuel leak so we decided to do some more "Urban" fishing again today on North Hudson Lake, in North Bergen, NJ.

This is a small body of water in a heavily populated area of NJ that has both hatchery raised Trout, and resident Largemouth Bass. You should know that this lake gets lots of fishing activity which means the fish are pressured hard so be prepared to modify your bait presentations to get a reaction bite.

We tried several different lures (metal) and tackle combinations on this trip to see what worked the best. And after a number of casts we learned that light spinning gear and small light weight 1/8 oz and 1/4 oz gold metal lures was the best combination to use on this body of water today.

Steel Shad LureWe also tried a couple of the new lures we received, one is called the STEEL SHAD, and the other was TOM's TAZ LURE Tom's Taz Lureto see if we could get a reaction bite on either of these lures.

We DID see Trout following them and despite modifying the presentation speed we could not get a strike. We determined that fishing from shore was limiting the lures effectiveness, and the hatchery trout were too small and unaccustomed to a food source of this type. We will definately be using both again on an upcoming trip using our boats so check back often, or sign up as a Subscriber to see how we did with them.

If you want to catch some fish on this lake you will need to constantly move around it to find them. This method is necessary if you are using a lure, or live bait for that matter, because the fish populations are always moving.

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