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  • Pedestal seats are a must have on any bass boat and the ones from BassBoatSeats fit the need perfectly.
  • We have used this pedestal seat from BassBoatSeats now for 3 yrs and it has held up extremely well. A very good product for a very reasonable price!
  • We give our LUND boat a shake down run every season before hitting the water for some fishing.You should always do this, it's better to find any problems early before heading out.
  • LUND boats have a reputation for outstanding construction and reliability. The wide beam and high bow keeps you safe and dry.
  • Our Jersey is made by i2i Apparel.
  • You have to admit... this is a really sharp looking Jersey i2i Cusom designed for us. You can get our Jersey with theBASSguys logo, or have them design one just for you! You must have permission from the other manufactures shown to use their logos.
  • Okuma sent us some of their top of the line fshing hats to try out on those "hot, hot" days...this one is pefect for those conditions!
  • Check out the OKUMA site for apparel and fishing gear.
  • Sonar units today are NOT cheap and you should consider the best protection for them possible. The case shown here is from my days in RC models so it is an older version. You can pick up a newer one easily at Amazon.
  • Hobbico has a selection of cases to choose from.
  • The Trusty Cable Tool will save you some scraped knuckles that we all experience with the Lowrance Units. Do yourself a favor and get one!
  • Here is a picture of how this tool works.
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  • MANUFACTURERS... We can put your sport fishing products in front of thousands of targeted eyeballs for a fraction of the cost you would normally spend to do this!



The manufacturers and suppliers shown on this page sent us these products because they WANTED us to put them through the same rigorous usage that YOU would on your own lakes, rivers, reservoirs, streams, and coastal waters. We think that says A WHOLE LOT about the confidence level they have in the products they sent to us!

There are several outstanding products featured in this video! The Trusty Cable Tool for those difficult Lowrance nuts, a protectiive case for your expensive sonar units, pedestal seats by BassBoat Seats, and apparel from i2i Custom and Okuma. We also demo our Evinrude Boat Engine, and Lund Rebel XL SS Boat.


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