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Monksville Reservoir NJ Smallmouth Bass Fishing with Soft Plastic Baits


Click the image for an enlarged view

  • Our sonar unit  picked up large fish staged over a drop off. Getting them to bite was a major challange though
  • Sonar picked up this solitary mound at 66ft with all kinds of fish suspended over it.
  • Not really sure what that red blob is but we located it at 15ft. The drop off hit 68ft at it's deepest point.
  • Noise is from our bow mount sonar unit but if you look closely you can see fish going after a school of bait at 18ft
  • Bottom depth was 15ft with fish showing at 7ft. This was a common occurance. They all seemed to stage mid range between the bottom and surface of the water.
  • Here is a good shot of fish coming off the bottom to hit a school of baitfish swimming by.
  • Note fish over bottom structure and baitfish overhead.
  • On the left of this image you can see our track around the reservoir and on the right we highlight fish that were located.
  • We located another group of fish hugging the bottom in approximately 45ft. Again, we tried many different rigs, and weighted presentations to try and get these fish to react. This was frustrating to be sure but we knew that the abnormal hot air and water temps would be a real challenge in getting bites.
  • Our boat's track is in red on the left, on the right in about 8 to 12 feet of water we locate some fish. Despite throwing the kitchen sink at them we could not get them to take any of the bait we used. The really hot days preceeding this trip and the 84 to 86 degree water put the fish off.
  • Overhead view of the reservoir layout
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LOCATION: Monksville Reservoir, NJ


Air Temp: -86 degrees
Water Temp: 85 degrees
Weather: moderate to consistent wind from the North.
Water Quality: Clear
Baits Used: soft plastic worms,tubes, spinner baits, plugs
Rods: 7'2" medium fast tip spinning & baitcaster rods
Reels: Spinner and Baitcaster Reels
Line: 8lb to 10lb mono, 15lb fluro leader

This is a gorgeous reservoir with really good structure along the shorelines and reservoir bottom. Both smallmouth and largemouth bass can be caught here. We saw lots of fish along our track but were unable to hook them up. Monksville has a history of being one very tough reservoir to catch a decent fish in. And on a HOT day like the one we picked it was triple the challenge.

We knew that the extremely hot air over a period of 2 weeks preceeding this trip was going to be a daunting task to target any Bass and we were right. Only one small Bass was caught on a 3" plug around 10:00AM. And that was all we caught between 7:30AM and 12:30 noon

Instead of having some really nice pictures of the fish we might have caught ,we are showing sonar readings of this reservoir instead. These will be helpful in early spring and late fall to target fish here.

This reservoir is restricted for use by the Newark Water Authority. Permits for boats and fishing are required. Electric trolling motors only. It has one of the best boat ramps and parking facilities in New Jersey so don't worry about that concern when coming here.

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