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Fluke Fishing on the Lower New Bay


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  • We left Laurel Hill Boat Ramp out of Secaucus, New Jersey and headed south along the Hackensack River. Total trip time to Lower New York Bay was 1 hour and 15 minutes running at 21 to 23 miles per hour.
  • Here is one of Dan's keeper Fluke. This one came in at almost 3 lbs
  • AL is handling another nice Fluke he caught today!
  • AL's fluke, he is a happy camper!
  • AL is hauling in another fluke off the 15 channel marker
  • AL unhooking his fluke, and Vinny is bringing in one off the 15 marker
  • Vinny getting another tap tap... he was the HIGH hitter again on this trip. Notice the choppy water.
  • One of Dan's fluke... this one took the main jig. Note the Yum bait and teaser above it.
  • Another one of Dan's fluke
  • AL bringing in one of the two Sea Bass he caught this trip
  • Vinny bringing in another of the 14 or so Fluke he got on this trip
  • Adding some Gulp Mullet bait to the jig and teaser proved to be an effective method of enticing the fluke to strike
  • Dan brings in one of two Sea Robin he caught today.
  • Typical 3 to 4 oz Bucktail jig that we dragged along the bottom
  • This is the rig setup for the teaser and leadhead jig
  • Berkley Gulp Mullet Swim Bait is a great bait for fluke
  • We caught many Fluke at these coordinates N40*32.610'  W74*00.769' . This would be close to Channel Marker 15. Use these coordinates in your own GPS enabled fishfinder to work this spot. You can also create a map for future use at this site... GPS COORDINATE CONVERTER. Enter the coordinates and it will show the exact location on a Google Map.
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LOCATION: Lower New York Bay, NY


Air Temp: 81 degrees, water temp 74.0 degrees with overcast cloud cover.
Water Temp: average 74.0
Weather: overcast skies with intermittment sun
Fish caught: Fluke and Sea Robbins
Water Quality: cloudy
Lures: Gulp, Jigs, squid strips

Rods: 6.6 medium tip to 7.3 foot medium ti baitcasters and spinners.
Reels: Spinners
Line: 12 lb to 15 lb braid and mono. Fluro 20 lb leaders.

Wind was steady and brisk from the Southwest at 10 to 12 miles per hour. The steady wind gave us a constant 2 mph drift along the deep side of the channel in 38 to 54 ft of water most of the day.

This was a a prefect day for fluke fishing in the Lower New York Bay on our Lund Rebel XL SS. We launched out of the Laurel Hill ramp in Secaucus on a outgoing high tide at 10:10 AM. This is a really nice concrete ramp on the Hackensack River with ample parking for cars and boat trailers, and it's FREE. Time to the Lower NY Bay from here was approximatly 1 hr and 15 minutes running at 23 miles per hour.

Bait used on this trip was 3 to 4 oz lead head jigs with teaser hooks above the main jig head. Sliced strips of Squid, and 4" GULP Chartreuse Mullet baits were added to provide smell to entice these fish to strike. This setup was dragged along the bottom on each drift with NO up or down jerkiing movement of the jig head. The fast drift we encountered would not have been effective using that standard method, but it provided an opportunity to cover lots of ground that ultimately produced many fish for us.

Between the three of us we totalled 30 fish... including 2 Sea Robins, and 2 Sea Bass. All fish were caught on a outgoing tide between 12 pm and 2:30pm off the 13 and 15 deep water channel markers. Fluke sizes ranged from 13 to 23 inches.

Take some time and enjoy the pictures and video posted. It will give you an idea of what can be experienced on this body of water. And by the way... we did not keep any of the fish caught. We are strictly a catch and release bunch of guys.

Watch AL and Vinny double up on Fluke

Watch AL and Vinny bringing in more Fluke

Watch Dan and his Sea Robin

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