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  • AL "Set The Hook" got this Largemouth on the Rat-L-Trap. We tried several other colors but this one was preferred by the fish.
  • Dan picks up a Largemouth on the Booyah green/yellow skirt 1/2 oz spinner. A real slow retrieve produced the most strikes.
  • Dan picks up another Largemouth on the Booyah black skirt 1/2 oz spinner. The black works best early morning and evening.
  • Dennis picks up a Largemouth on the Booyah green/yellow 1/2 oz skirt spinner bait.
  • Pete hooks up a Pike on a Booyah white skirted spinner. We lost count of the number of Pike caught with this particular lure.
  • AL and Dennis on AL's 2015 LOWE 16.5 boat. He powers this boat with a really nice 60HP Mercury Four Stroke.
  • Dennis hooks up another nice Largemouth Bass on the
  • Dan and Pete on their 2009 LUND Rebel XL 16.25 boat. We push this with a 50HP Evinrude ETec. This is a very stable boat in rough water which came in handy on this trip.
  • Dan hooks up another of the many Pike and Bass he caught with the Livingston Lure on this trip. We think the lures technology was a major reason why we caught some nice fish on the dark overcast days we experienced.
  • We featured the HookSafe previously but want to mention it again. These are indespensible if you don't remove hooks and lures from your rods when transporting them around. They totally eliminate the problem of your hooks grabbing things in your boat or car that we all experience.
  • We can't say enough positive things about this baitcaster, it performed flawlessly for us the entire trip! OKUMA has produced a high quality reel that matches up with anything else out there. We have used them ALL and this one is definitely going to be a top seller for them. We plan on putting this reel to further tests in the months to come so come back often to see how we did with this excellent reel
  • K-Labs Medium Tip Carbon Composite 7'2" Two Piece Baitcaster Rod
  • K-Labs Medium Fast Tip Carbon Composite 7'2" Two Piece Baitcaster Rod
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Grap a cup of coffee, sit back and relax, and watch some great video of the bass action we got on this trip. If you make a purchase or visit our friends at Okuma, Livingston Lures, Rat-L-Trap, McCoy V-Twin or K-Labs Rods, make sure you tell them theBASSguys sent you !!

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LOCATION: Loughborough lake, Ontario, Canada

Air Temp: average 56 degrees
Weather: Overcast with Sun and periods of heavy rain and stong sustained winds
Water Temp: average 64.0 
Fish Targeted: Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike
Water Quality: clear
Lures: No live bait was used, all fish were caught and released on artificial baits

Rods: 7.2 foot 2 piece medium light spinning / baitcaster from K-Labs Rods.
Reels: Okuma Spinning and Baitcasters
Lures: Livingston Lures, Rat-L-Trap Lures, Booyah Spinners - White Willow Blades, Black skirt Colorado Blade Spinner, Bright Green/Yellow Skirts with Willlow Blades, McCoy V-Twin Spinner. Soft plastic Tube Baits, Stick Baits / Worms, 
Line: 8 lb to 10 lb mono, 12lb braid coupled with a 12lb fluro leader

We visit Loughborough Lake, Canada again for the second time. Our first bass fishing trip to this gorgeous lake last year was challenging to say the least... miserable rain and strong winds all week long back then! We caught some nice fish despite this lousy weather so we decided to go back to see if improved weather condtions would make the bite that much better. The weather service predicted nice temps in the low 70's and moderate winds between 7 and 10 miles per hour during the week we would be there... WELL ... somebody needs to take another good look at their models because that is NOT what we experienced! We got 25 mile per hour sustained winds every day along with serveral days of over cast skies and rain!

But despite all of that... we CAUGHT some nice fish!

We brought along some really nice gear and lures to this lake again and we put them all to the test every day.

The first piece of gear we were anxious to try out was the updated OKUMA CALERA CLR-266VLXa Baitcaster Reel. This is an 8 bearing low profile reel with a 6.6:1 gear ratio and includes an external adjustable magnetic cast control system knob and internal centrifugal velocity control system which aids in casting in different conditions. Both are must have options in a quality reel and we used each religously to get the settings we needed for the conditions we fished under on this trip. We can attest to the solid response and feel of this reel and recommend that our visitors and Friends check it out. You will be pleastantly surprised!

Our next piece of gear used on this trip was the K-Labs 24T Carbon Composite 15lb (fast tip) and 20lb (medium tip) batitcaster and spinng rods we received. We have been using these rods all season thus far and wanted to put them to the test again on some heavy bass and pike action. As before these rods did NOT disappoint us! Despite the heavy winds the rods handled the lures and the fish we caught flawlessly! We have been raving about the rods since receiving them and we have no problem with recommending them to our visitors and Friends.

As for lures we started with the LIVINGSTON LUREas they are well suited for the windy conditions we fished under. This little jewel produced some super largemouth bass and pike action ALL week. Especially in water depths of 6 to 8 ft. We got most of our action on the Blue Back Chrome Shad 2 1/4" bait and stayed with this lure every day.

RAT-L-TRAP is another one of our favorite lures and we use it almost eveywhere we go. On this trip we caught both largemouth and pike with it. Their 25P Chrome Purple Back model was the go to bait as the fish just seemed to prefer this color version. When the winds really kicked up this 1/2 oz lure came through with flying colors as it casted well for us during some pretty tough days.

When dealing with very windy conditions there is no question that you need weight when casting and that is when a metal spinner bait is a must have option in your tackle box. We received the McCOY V-TWIN Spinner Bait from our friends at McCoy early in the season and have used it with limited success. On this trip though this bait was HAMMERED by the bass and pike over and over again! Dennis "the Lunker Guy" fell in love with it and used it continually every day because he caught fish with it every day !!

We also used a variety of BOOYAH SPINNER BAITStoo ... their white and dayglo green/yellow 1/2oz skirted willow blades generated regular hits for all of us on the days when the sun came through. On the cloudy and overcast days we switched to their black skirted 1/2oz colorado blades as our go to spinner. These baits were always used in water depths of 3 to 5 ft with heavy weeds. The willow blades cut through this stuff with minimal hangups so don't be afraid of pulling them through cover like this. Never use any colorado blade in this cover.

Let it be said that theBASSguys just love to use soft PLASTICS on every lake, reservoir, river, stream we visit and this lake was no exception. Unfortunately, the heavy winds made using them impractical. We are not pros and do not care to drop a heavy weighted plastic bait in thick cover, in 4ft of water or less, and then haul a fish out on to the boat. We like to play our fish and prefer casting a distance to achieve this goal. Heavy winds kind of put a damper on this preferred method though. However, when we got a break in the wind some of the GUYS used a 4" Tube, or a 4" to 5" stick bait and caught some nice bass with them. We use a light line, 8lb mono or 10lb braid such as Crystal and seldom use weight with these plastics.

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