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  • Pete lands a nice Largemouth with the Seadream 115F S-012
  • Dennis hooks up a nice Largermouth Bass Seadream 115F S-007
  • AL and Dan get hammered by strong wind and rain !!
  • This is the SFT Takumi 75 jerk bait. This little lure casts very far with ease and has some great action. Use a medium soft tip acton rod.
  • Pete hooks up a Largemouth on the Little Smart Jig S-006. The hook is independent of the head which allows free movement.
  • Dan picks up a decent bass with the Seadream 115F S-012
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"SALT WATER ACTION" We took these lures to one of our favorite Stripe Bass locations and put them to work catching a LOAD of them. They were by no means big but they fight hard and were fun to catch! Check out the images and short video of these lures in action. Most of the fish we caught were in the 12" to 18" size with a few over 20". We caught "FORTY TWO" of them... it was a super great day !!
  • Stripe Bass Schoolie On the SFT
  • This Striper nailed the red and white SFT Crank Bait
  • Pete and AL got doubles!
  • Pete got a nice Striper on the SFT Lure
  • AL gets ready to plant a wet one on his fish... I feel sorry for that fish!
  • These are some of the SFT Lures we used on this trip
  • Some more of these excellent baits. You will be impressed with quality and workmanshship.

LOCATION: Loughborough lake, Ontario, Canada


Air Temp: average 56 degrees
Weather: Overcast with Sun and periods of heavy rain and stong sustained winds
Water Temp: average 58.0 
Fish Targeted: Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike
Water Quality: clear
Lures: no live bait was used, all fish were caught and released on artificial bait... plastic jerk baits, soft plastics, jigs

Rods: 6.8 fast tip to 7.3 foot medium light spinning / baitcaster.
Reels: Spinning and Baitcasters
Line: 8 lb to 10 lb mono, 15lb braid with 12lb fluro leade

Note: pay attention to local rules and regulations before heading out for a day fishing on waters you are not familiar with.

Open Season:
3rd Saturday in June to December 15

Canadian Fishing Rules and Regulations for this Zone

We would like to state up front that the SFT (Super Fishing Tackle Co.) line of lures are brand NEW to the USA and Canadian markets! In fact, there is no outlet selling them just yet, but that will soon change as SFT is working with some of the major sport fishing retailers in the USA to distribute and sell these outstanding lures!

theBASSguys looked at the SFT lures and immediately saw the potential they had to catch fish in our waters. Their hard plastic baits are beautifully constructed of high quality materials, and come in various colors and size / weight configurations. They also offer a good selection of soft plastics and jig head versions that we have not seen before. theBASSguys were excited to be the first anglers to use them here so read on to get an idea of the experience we had with all lures that SFT sent us.

Loughborough Lake is an outstanding body of water with great bottom structure consisting of weeds, rock ledges and many small islands scattered throughtout the north end of the lake. It holds Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, and Crappies of all sizes. These fish ware not particularly large but they sure were fat! This lake also has a number of rocks just below the surface that our engine skag found on GO SLOW until you learn where they are... if you have GPS sonar set a waypoint for each one... it will save you headaches later on!

The weather this week was horrible except for the LAST day of our trip. We experienced some sun with high sustained winds of 15 to 25 miles per hour, and rain squalls that made visibility almost impossible. You can't see this in our video or pictures because the format we used tends to flatten out the water. But despite the weather we were able to capture some decent shots of bass and pike being caught in both video and still images.

The SFT - Super Fishing Tackle Co. lures were totally new to us, as was this lake which we have never been to before. We could have taken these lures to lakes that we KNOW will always produce fish but we wanted to test them on a brand new body of water to see what they could do. The learning curve with the hard plastic lures was TIME consuming but we soon learned that a long cast followed by a slow 3 turns on the reel with periodic jerking of the rod tip (medium fast rod) produced some good strikes! This method worked for all of the SFT hard plastic baits we used.

We also used their soft plastic Hookstream swimbait, Spin Tails and Little Smart Jigs. The jigs are a unique design and they produced some really good hits for us in the weed areas we found! We had used these with good results in other trips we took so we anticipated that they would work on this lake as well... and they did!

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Pete hooks up a Northern Pike on a spinner bait.

Dennis hooks up a nice Largemouth on the Seadream 115F S-007

Please listen to a message from Dan on what theBASSguys are all about and what we are attempting to accomplish.

Strong winds and rain followed us ALL week on this trip

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