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The Striper fishing has been outstanding so far on both the Hackensack River and the Seaside Park / Lavalette coast line of New Jersey!! We have several videos up on YouTube of the GUYS catching a load of shorts on the Hackensack River, and some really nice offshore lunkers too. Click the YouTube button top right corner of this page to see all of the videos and be sure to...Check out our Striper Trip Page as well... CLCK HERE!

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Bass Fishing Anglers, and especially Manufacturers in the Sport Fishing industry, will be hearing and seeing lots from theBASSguys in the months to come because we conduct evaluation and testing of bass lures, fishing gear, rods, reels. fishing line, boat accessories and equipment, and outdoor clothing on freshwater and saltwater in the Northeast USA & eastern Canada.

We help promote sport fishing products for manufacturers / suppliers who would like to show bass anglers how their products perform in waters in the Northeast USA and Canada. And our community of anglers will have access to a resource that shows them how these products performed when fishing for smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, striped bass, pike, walleye, trout, in fresh water lakes, rivers, coastal waters and reservoirs that they are most familiar with. We have all seen how these products perform in waters in the south, midwest, and western parts of the Country... now you will see what they can do on OUR waters up north!

So bookmark this site and come back often to see the latest sport fishing products we took to the field for evaluation and what products we RECOMMEND you consider purchasing.


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