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Stripe Bass fishing on the Hackensack River NJ


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  • Passing under the NJ Turnpike overpass. We caught Stripers off the structure and along the weed lines. Look for channels going into the marshy areas and fish the entrances.
  • Another Striper caught just outside the channel leading into the marsh area. We are in approximately 3 ft of water here. Cast into the channel and along the outside edges.
  • This is a new Meadow Lands boat ramp on the Hackensack River. It's a top of the line facility with a concrete ramp, wash down area, great parking and indoor toilets that are well maintained. There is no charge to use the ramp either.
  • Here is another view of this excellent ramp and it's facilities.
  • Pete and AL loading the Lund on our trailer.
  • As you drift to the channel cast out and retrieve along the reed edge
  • A Rattler was used to hook many Stripers on this trip
  • The Guys coming in to the outstanding dock and ramp facilities provided by the Secaucus Meadow Lands facility.
  • A larger view of the Rat-L-Trap lure the Stripers hammered!
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LOCATION: Hackensack River, NJ


Air Temp: average 64 degrees
Water Temp: average 64.8 
Fish caught: 5lb to 15lb resident Stripe Bass
Water Quality: very cloudy, fast moving during tide changes, brakish water.
Lures: no live bait was used, all fish were caught on artificial baits... 3" rattle baits, and 4" and 5" swimbaits.

We were out on the Lund for some Stripe Bass action and we found some! Perfect day on the outgoing tide between 11:15am and 4:00pm.

The best times to fish for Stripers on this river is during the incoming or outgoing tides. Slack tides will be unproductive.

All fish were released unharmed as we are strictly a catch and release group of guys.

Stripers caught on rattle and swimbaits!

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