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  • We catch largemouth Bass on the Warrior Buzzbait !
  • We caught some really nice fish in this cove in the northern end of the lake. Overcast skies and still water is ideal for buzzbaits.
  • Pete hooked up a nice smallmouth bass with the Warrior Buzzbait.
  • Pete brings in another NICE Smallmouththat hit this bait.
  • Bob hooks up a decent size Largemouth Bass on the southern end of the lake.
  • This is a typical size of Smallmouth Bass caught with this lure!
  • Vinny get his turn at bringing in a nice Smallmouth Bass! He caught this one in 4ft depth of open water in Back Bay.
  • We fish the southern end of the lake where the vegetation is just below the surface and where there are weeds along the shore. This is an ideal location to work the Warrior Bait
  • Dan works the Black American Shad Buzzbait in Lost Bay
  • AL is all smiles hooking up this decent size Smallmouth on the Warrior Buzzbait
  • Overview of the lake showing Tedford's Lodge and the locations we hit for the fish caught on this trip
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Watch Dan hook up a Largemouth Bass on the Black Shad Buzzbait"

Watch Dan and Pete bring in a Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass on the Warrior Buzzbait!

LOCATION: Gananoque Lake, Gananoque, Canada


Air Temp: Average 79 degrees
Weather: Bright sunny days with clouds
Water Temp: Average 76.0 
Fish Targeted: Smallmouth / Largemouth Bass
Water Quality: Clear
Lures: No live bait was used, all fish were caught and released on artificial bait... Warrior Buzzbaits

Rods: 7.3 fast tip medium light spinning rods.
Reels: Spinning / Baitcaster Reels
Line: 8 lb to 15 lb mono/braid

The Warrior Buzzbait was used by us for the first time on this well known lake that we have fished many times over the years. The southern and extreme northern ends of this lake is ideal water for topwater lures and the Black American Shad Warrior Buzzbait did not disappoint us!

The southern end is ideal water for this bait as it is covered with many numerous locations with heavy reeds / vegetation and lilly pads that are Bass havens. The northern end has some really nice coves as well that are hard to get into in the late summer months, but the late June (last week) early July time frame we were here allowed us easy access to them.

We were really anxious to try the selection of Warrior Baits sent to us to see how effective this new and unique design would be. We have used the metal buzzbaits before with "limited success" here and so we were hoping this new model would prove to be more effective at getting Bass to hit it.

The WARRIOR folks sent us several different sizes and colors of this lure and we used them all! We used them in the ealrly morning, and late evening hours and sometimes on flat water in mid-day.

Warrior BuzzbaitThe Black American Shad Warrior Buzzbait proved to us that buzzbaits of this design and function do catch fish here!! We used the other colors provided but the BLACKAMERICAN SHAD BUZZBAIT was the only one that generated strikes from the smallmouth and largemouth bass that hit it, and only in the early morning hours between 6am and 9am. We concentrated on the shorelines and over open water vegetation where it was about 6 to 10 inches from the surface. This area produced the most strikes for us.

We provide a link to Warrior's website below should you wish to purchase one of these super lures.

Warrior Baits

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