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  • theBASSguys team taking a lunch break. We had planned on a cold week and lots of Smallmouth Bass for this time of the year.. Unfortunately, the weather was hot all week and the "Smally's" went deep
  • Our boats... a Lund with a 50hp engine, the Lowe carried a 35hp, and the Alumacraft ran on a 48 hp. We had beautiful blue bird skies the whole week except for Friday when it turned cold and rainy. That's when the BITE really TURNED ON !
  • Our boat's tied up at Tedfords dock.
  • Looking North up the lake. We were all wishing for RAIN and overcast skies!
  • Getting ready for a shore lunch of bacon, hamburgers, Pike, potatoes, coffee and all the fixings!
  • Bob on the left next to Dennis celebrating Bob's birthday!
  • The owners of Tedfords Lakeside Lodge and some of theBASSguys team
  • theBASSguys hard at work again!
  • Our last day was cold that morning so Dan bundled up. It was a wet cold morning that turned sunny and warm later in the day when this pic was taken.
  • Dan and Pete taking a "break" from catching many many fish!! They were by no means all lunkers but the quantities caught made up for the lack of poundage!!
  • The heavy gear coming off one layer at a time as the temp climbs up again.
  • Dennis hooks a really nice Largemouth Bass using a soft plastic 4" Tube
  • Bob caught this one on the White Willow Bladed Spinner
  • Bob got his Largemouth Bass on this Plastic Worm
  • Bob locked on to a Pike using this Crank Bait.
  • Dennis got this one on the white skirted Willow Blade Spinner.
  • The steady rain did not discourage the bite! And this bait was deadly!
  • Vinny unhooking one of many Pike caught on this Rattler.
  • Vinny's Pike.Check out the video camera clipped to his hat. This is a hands free unit with auto focus and sound. The lanyard keeps it from accidently falling into the water.
  • Dan got this Largemouth on the 4" Tube Bait.
  • Pete pulled this Largemouth Bass in on a 4" Tube Bait as well
  • Pete catches another Largemouth on the Colorado Blade Spinner.
  • Dan catches another nice Largemouth Bass on the 4" Tube Bait
  • Rainy overcast day but it produced a "boat load" of bass that were caught with the Colorado Bladed Spinner Bait.
  • Bob was kept busy by Largemouth Bass all week long with a Plastic Worm!
  • AL & Vinny fishing down river for Largemouth Bass & Pike using a Tube Bait.
  • AL just "loves" a Rat-L-Trap. It produced Pike all week for him!
  • Another One of AL's Pike caught with this Rattler
  • Dan got this Largemouth on the plastic Tube Bait
  • We normally don't catch very many Largemouth Bass on this lake with metal spinner lures in October but this year they HAMMERED them!
  • Fishing the plastic Tube produced boat loads of Bass for us !
  • Another view of Vinny's Largemouth caught with the 4" Tube.
  • AL's Rat-L-Trapr baits were kept VERY busy!
  • Vinny got this one on a Plastic Worm fished wacky style.
  • Vinny catches another Largemouth with the Tube!
  • Hey Vinny! You should be kissing the Tube BAIT instead !
  • Vinny hauls in a BIG TOAD of a Largemouth on the 4" Tube !
  • Dan and Pete taking a "break" from catching many many fish!! They were by no means all lunkers but the quantities caught made up for the lack of poundage!!
  • Vinny needs to stop "KISSING" all his fish !!
  • Dan is working another Largemouth Bass caught with this Willow Bladed Spinner!
  • Pete used this bait the most all week. He caught boat loads of Largemouth Bass with it !!
  • This lake offers some really nice bass on spinner lure like this one.
  • One of the most productive tube baits we have ever used. Use circle hooks and hook this thing through the nose. No lead is needed.
  • Another of the soft plastic we use everywhere we go. Use a circle hook with no weight and fish it wacky style.
  • The white skirt spinner with a willow blade was a bass killer in bright sunshine
  • Hook the Tube through the nose like this.
  • The Rat-L-Trap Lure is a bass catcher every place we go. We never go anywhere without them.
  • On this section of the lake we locked onto many Largemouth Bass and Pike using the Plastics and other lures mentioned. The eastern shoreline produced the most fish on this trip. When traveling down the narrower lower section be aware of a BIG rock just before a small island in the center of the channel. It sits about 1ft below the surface so it can't be seen.
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LOCATION: Gananoque lake, Ontario, Canada


6 day Air Temp: average 68 - 72 degrees
6 day Water Temp: average 65 degrees
Fish caught: Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike
Lures: no live bait was used, all fish were caught on artificial baits... metal spinners, top water plugs, and plastics

Note: pay attention to local rules and regulations before heading out for a day fishing on waters you are not familiar with.

Open Season:
3rd Saturday in June to December 15

Canadian Fishing Rules and Regulations for this Zone

We were anticipating a good Smallmouth Bass run this time of year but we were totally beaten by the unusally warm weather and water the entire week. As a result these fish went deep and we only caught one the entire time. Fortunately, the Largemouth Bass and Northern Pike were found in large numbers by all of the guys and we had a SUPER great time !!

We also expected to catch the bulk of our fish on plastics but that was not the case this year either... because we caught a LARGE number of fish on metal SPINNERS as well. The Pike we always expect to hIt the metal but the Largemouth Bass found this bait enticing too! They SLAMMED this bait over and over throughout the week! We have fished this water many times over the years and never experienced this heavy activity from Largemouth Bass in October.

We are a catch and release group of guys so all fish that we caught, except for a couple of Pike cooked for a shore lunch were released unharmed. And to minimize injuring the fish all plastic baits used were set up with circle hooks.

Watch Pete bring one in on a Colorado Blade Spinner

Check out Vinny's nice Largemouth Bass caught on a Tube

Al hooked up a nice Pike with a Rat-L-Trap Lure

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