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  • Dan hooks up a nice 3 1/2 pound Smally with his K-Lab baitcaster rod and the 5" Wave Fishing Tiki Snake
  • Pete got this Largemouth Bass with the 5" Tiki Stick
  • Look at the SIZE of this 6 pounder Dennis got with a Tiki Stick
  • Dennis hooks up another nice "Smally"
  • AL boats a "Smally" on the Wave Fishing Stick Bai
  • Dennis bags another "Smally" on the stick bait
  • Dennis hooks up a Northern Pike!!
  • Dan hooks up his first "largemouth Bass!!
  • Dan & Pete hook up DOUBLES!!
  • Dennis gets ready to release one of his MANY Smally's!!
  • One of the few times Pete used a spinner bait and hooked up this Largemouth. He paired the bait with his K-Labs Spinning Rod.
  • Dennis locks on to another "Smally" on the Wave Fishing Stick bait.
  • Dan checks out the weight of this 6 1/2 lb Largemouth Bass he caught with the 5" Tiki Snake.
  • AL connects with a nice Smallmouth Bass on the 5" Tiki Stick
  • Dan hooks up another Largemouth Bass on the K-Labs baitcaster rod and Wave Fishing Bait
  • Dan checks out the weight of this 2 1/2 lb Largemouth Bass AL caught
  • Pete shows off this nice "smally" he got with the Tiki Stick Bait
  • Dan nets Pete's 4lb Smallmouth Bass
  • Dan checks out the weight of Pete's 6 lb Largemouth Bass!!
  • Pete hooks up "another" Smallmouth Bass on thte Tiki-Snake
  • Dan's 3rd LUNKER Largermouth Bass on the 5" Tiki Snake and the K-Lab Baitcaster !
  • 5" Wave Fishing Tiki Snake Plastic Bait
  • 5" Wave Fishing Tiki Stick Plastic Stick Bait
  • K-Labs Medium Tip Carbon Composite 7'2" Two Piece Baitcaster Rod
  • K-Labs Medium Fast Tip Carbon Composite 7'2" Two Piece Baitcaster Rod
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Grap a cup of coffee, sit back and relax, and watch some great video of the bass action we got on this trip. If you make a purchase or visit our friends at K-Labs Rods or Wave Fishing Baits, make sure you tell them theBASSguys sent you !!

LOCATION: Gananoque Lake, Ontario, Canada

Air Temp: 82 degrees the first 2 Days, mid to high 60's the last 3 Days
Weather: Sunny with strong winds, clouds & rain
Water Temp: Average 68 - 71 degrees
Fish Targeted: Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass
Water Quality: Clear
Lures: No live bait was used, all fish were caught and released on artificial baits.
Rods: 7.2 medium tip spinning, & medium fast tip baitcaster rods.
Reels: Spinning Reels, Baitcasters
Line: 8 lb mono, 12 lb braid, 10 lb Fluro leader line

theBASSguys take some "brand new" plastic baits from Wave Fishing that we have never used before and some outstanding rods from our friends at K-LABS Rods for some opening day BASS action fishing on our favorite Canadian lake.

The third Saturday in June is the start of BASS fishing on this lake and we were anxious to get out on the water with the new baits and rods we received. The first couple of days were miserably hot and humid for June and the bite was slow and hard to come by. We caught fish but not in the numbers or sizes we were expecting this time of the year. Well, that all changed once the weather got "nasty"... strong winds, cold air and periods of rain produced some of the best "ACTION" we have seen on this lake for quite some time!!

Over the next several days the WAVE FISHING plastics produced some "super sized" Small and Largmouth Bass action for us day in, and day out, every day! No matter where we moved on the lake we were greeted with some of the biggest fish we have caught here. And we have been coming to this lake for many years. We are not saying this is all due to the unique Wave Fishing plastics we used this week but we could not help feeling they had a lot to do with the action we experienced. The BASS just hammered these baits... especially the 5" Tiki Snake and the 5" Tiki Stick! The Largemouth Bass went nuts for the Tiki Snake... Dan, Dennis and Pete caught 6 pounders with this bait! And as for the "Smally's", we went through every bag of the Tiki Sticks we had on this trip catching them!! And FYI... we never used any weight with either of these baits, just a 3/0 Circle Hook and 12lb Fluro leader.

The K-LABS FISHING RODS were previewed by us on some earlier trips and we found them to be outstanding! But this trip really tested there endurance and ability to help us catch some really nice big fish. They were so sensitive you could feel the slightest nibble, especially when using braided line. The "feel" they provided was so important because the strong wind and rain we encountered made it difficult to know for sure if you were getting a nibble or feeling the rain pelting the rods. You got to know the difference very quickly with these rods and that's something you don't experience with some of the other high end rods out there. We had both baitcasters and spinning rods, 2 piece, 7'.2" medium tip, and medium fast tipped versions. Both versions performed as designed and we are extremely happy with them.

Check out some really nice images of the fish we caught using the Wave Fishing Baits and the K-Lab rods. And make sure you check out the video we put up on YouTube showing the action we enjoyed on this trip.

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