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  • Tedfords Lodge has Really Nice Cabins
  • One of the cabins is on the water line close to the docks
  • The guys with Jeff and his Mom. The greatest cook there is!!
  • One of the rooms with 2 single beds
  • This is where all that great food is prepared!
  • Earl is hard at work!
  • The Main House where the dining rooms are located
  • Another view of our cabin
  • Enjoy a fire or shore lunch on the spacious lawn
  • Tedford's Boathouse
  • Dan and Pete's Lund on the water
  • Notice decal on our boat
  • One of Pete's many Smallmouth bass caught on a Tube bait.
  • One of my Smallmouth bass on this trip on the Worm
  • Another really nice Smallmouth bass... on the Tube!
  • One of many Largemouth Bass caught with the Worm!
  • Pete was getting tired catching all of these Smally's
  • his one was caught at "Dan's Rock"
  • Getting ready to set the hook on another one!!
  • Lowrance HDS 7 showing bottom contour and fish
  • Here is he again with another "TOAD" on a Tube bait!
  • The "Phantom" strikes again with the Tube !
  • AL "Set the HOOK" brings in a nice Pike on a rattle bait!!
  • Pete and Dan on their new Lund Rebel
  • Now that is one nice BASS caught with the Worm!!
  • This tube bait was bass killer on this trip. One one of the best soft plastics we always carry with us.
  • This soft plastic stik bait fished wacky style always catches fish for us.
  • MANUFACTURERS... We can put your sport fishing products in front of thousands of targeted eyeballs for a fraction of the cost you would normally spend to do this!

LOCATION: Gananoque lake, Ontario, Canada


6 day Air Temp: average 71 degrees
6 day Water Temp: average 70  to 75 degrees
Fish caught: Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass
Lures: no live bait was used, all fish were caught on artificial baits... metal spinners, plastics.
Rods: 6.6 fast tip to 7.0 foot medium light spinning / baitcaster.
Reels: Spinning and Baitcasters
Line: 6 lb to 8 lb mono, 15lb braid with 12lb fluro leader

Note: pay attention to local rules and regulations before heading out for a day fishing on waters you are not familiar with.

Open Season:
3rd Saturday in June to December 15

Canadian Fishing Rules and Regulations for this Zone

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