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Recommended Fishing Lures, Fishing Gear, & Tackle

If you are a manufacturer or supplier of a sport fishing product ie: lures, fishing rods, tackle, boat accessories etc. that our "thousands" of visitors and subscribers would be interested in, then please send samples to theBASSguys for field evaluation.

If we find it to be a "must have" by our community of bass anglers we will post it on this page.. NO charge to you

Wild River Soft Tackle Bag

theBASSguys took this soft fishing tackle bag for some real-time on the water usage. "Hands Down" this is a top notch fishing tackle bag that will make your life easier!! This bag comes with lots of cool features that you will not find in any other bag on the market. We have used them all but this one far exceeded our expectations. Visit their website to see this bag and others that they offer at

Wild River Fishing Tackle Bag


Never Snag

The ONLY weedless hook system that actually works! Add it to your existing lures without removing the O ring, and see how it effortlessly works in those thick weeds.

Never Snag



Save your fingers and other objects from getting caught with your hooks when transporting a rod with the hook still attached. These things are a great little item to have that completely prevents this from happening.



How many times have we all been dealing with more then one rod in hand ( probably more like 2 or 3) and they are banging against each other, getting tangled in each others line, or just getting in the way of moving around the boat or house. Well... we came across a product that fixes all of those problems.

This little jewel is so simple we are all wondering why we did not come up with the idea first. If you want to get organized and keep your rods from banging into things then we recommend you give this thing a try. Go here to purchase it and to read more about it.




We recently came across another new product that has got our attention! This is a new hook that DOES NOT require you to TIE a KNOT of ANY kind! Knotless fishing hooks - Works with monofilament, fluorocarbon & braided lines! You need to check these out! ... Go Here for more info



Lowrance owners!! You really need to check out this super tool. If you are like us you have experienced what a "pain" it is to install or remove the cables from the backs of these units! No more scraped knuckles ... lock it and remove the cables with ease... check it out!



OK.. you saw our VIDEO on this fantastic tool! It definately made the difference between catching "some" fish, or a "bunch" of them! You need to give them a try because they WORK! If you missed our video on this thing in use then go here to check it out ... click here



You saw our VIDEO on this fantastic lure and all of the Smallmouth Bass that "hammered" this thing on a recent trip. This is a great lure and it will produce fish that other lures miss.



OK.. we put this thing to the test under some very adverse conditions and it performed EXACTLY as advertised!! Watch theVIDEO. Do yourself a favor and pick up a Livingston Lure and watch what HAPPENS!! ...



Glitter Jig Lure

This is a NEW jig on the market that we just recently tested. Our test results aren't even published yet but we are so excited about showing you how well it PERFORMED that we are breaking protocol and putting it on here for you to see NOW!! Click Here



Shanes Mini Blades of Glory

This is one of the MOST unique Alabama style rigs we have EVER seen or used. This little jewel is made of top quality material that allows you to CHANGE the flexible arms at will when they brake or wear out! You can see how we used it ... Click Here




As a general rule we are not big fans of mono fishing line. Its tendancy to become like a slinky, memory issues to coil and jump off the spool, and wind knot galore issues are PROBLEMS we would prefer to not deal with. But THIS LINE is in a CLASS by itself... NO slinky, stiffness or coiling effects! It is smooth and silky as it passes through the rod guides and that TOTALLY amazed us!! You can see what we say about it... Click Here




If you want a TOP quality pedestal seat that won''t break your budget and will outlast many of the other so called quality seats out there ... GET this one!! And you will not BELIEVE the PRICE!




Cooks Tackle Storage System

Do you have lures scattered all over your boat duing a day of fishing? Are you tired of not finding what you need fast, or having lures grab your cloths when moving around? The Cooks System will eliminate that problem forever! Check out our VIDEO to see how we used it on our boat... Click Here



AW Scales

We found this scale to be a SUPERIOR product that can weigh fish up to 110lbs !! Good luck if you can hold that much weight by yourself :) It is made of "metal".. NOT plastic which makes it very durable. And wait till you see the /unbelievable PRICE for it!

Click on the picture of the scale.



Gator Spoons

We put this lure to the test on one of the toughest reservoirs we go to. We rarely have any luck with metal lures of any kind here but the GATOR SPOON proved the exception!! You can see how we did via VIDEO and still images ... Click Here

Click on the picture of the spoon to visit the Gator site.



Warrior Buzzbaits

We put this outstanding buzzbait to work on our favorite lake and it produced some great top water action!! We have some video up of this lure on the lake ... Click Here

Click on the picture of the Warrior to visit their website.



If you fish alone then you might want to consider getting one of these fantastic tools! ... big fish or small fish can be a lot to deal with alone and this device will help bring them in to the boat!

Click on the picture of the Robohandle to visit the Gator site.




Ninja Grass Blade

Finally a grass cutter for your trolling motor that is easy to install, and really works. NO plastic to break.

Click on the picture of the Ninja Grass Blade to visit their website



Now anglers can protect themselves, their pets, their equipment, and others from being snagged accidentally by hooks?

Click on the picture of the HookSafer to visit their website. And we have a video up this tool being used on the water by us... GO HERE to watch the video.




These are brand new lures that are totally new to the US market. We put them to a field evaluation for Stripe Bass, Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass and the lures caught them all!!




Wavefishing BaitsWavefishing Baits has caught some really nice bass for us and we would not think twice about using them again and again!!

Click on the picture of the Wavefishing to visit their website



Incredible depth detail and strucure lines - use it to catch fish and for saftey. Your sonar is a great tool that tells you in real time what depths you are running over but it does not tell you what you are heading into. Navionics sonar maps gives you that detail long before you get there so you know what to expect.




You have got to try this marvelous little tool!! How many times have you cursed trying to insert fishing line into a hook eye, or a small plug eye to tie a knot, especially on windy days to no avail. Well, this tool will make your life a whole LOT easier. Check this thing out  and get yourself one... you will NOT be disappointed!!




How many frustrating times have you dealt with a spool of line that unwinds in your tackle box or bag like a slinky after using it... like for a learder line etc.. leaving you with a mess of line scattered all over the place!! Well.. the Omnispool Switchbox fixes that problem for good!



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