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theBASSguys fish Candlewood Lake, CT for bass


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  • Pete hooks up a nice Largemouth Bass. Check out his video of this catch.
  • Dan shows one of his many Smallmouth Bass he caught with the Livingston Lure! The lure's technology was most DEFINITELY a contributing factor to the fish caught.
  • We tried several different types of this lure and found this particular model the Blue Back Chrome Dive Master to be the food of choice for the Smally's on this lake today!
  • Dan hooks up another Smallmouth Bass on the Livingston Lure... this one was number 12 for the day so far!
  • Here is a sonar view showing the depth 7.26ft level these fish were suspended at. They came up to HAMMER the Livingston Lure when it got close to them!
  • Here is a sonar snapshot of Bass going after my Livingston Lure. A waypoint was set to capture the co-ordinates so we could go back and see this activity via software we use for this purpose.
  • We just had to include this shot from another trip we recently got back from to test this lure... LOOK how this Largemouth Bass SWALLOWED that bait!!
  • There are several boat ramps scattered around this large lake. We launched our boat at the State Park ramp on the west side of the lake. It has a concrete launch ramp and more then adequate parking for your truck and trailer.
  • MANUFACTURERS... We can put your sport fishing products in front of thousands of targeted eyeballs for a fraction of the cost you would normally spend to do this!

LOCATION: Candlewood lake, Danbury, CT

Air Temp: average 69 degrees
Weather: Overcast with periods of rain
Water Temp: average 61.9 
Fish caught: Smallmouth Bass
Water Quality: clear
Lures: no live bait was used, all fish were caught and released on artificial bait... Livingston lures, plastic swimbaits
Rods: 6.6 fast tip to 7.0 foot medium light spinning / baitcaster.
Reels: Spinning and Baitcasters
Line: 6 lb to 8 lb mono, 15lb braid with 12lb fluro leader

This was our VERY FIRST trip to this large body of water in Connecticut this year. We arrived on a cloudy, rain soaked day with light wind coming from the South. Some will think we are crazy going out on a miserable day like this but we ALWAYS like rainy days because it just seems to work for us :) This lake has a really nice ramp and parking facilities for your trailer.

As this was a new lake for us we made it a point to visit the Candlewood Bait & Tackle Shop, 36 Tamarack Ave, Danbury, CT for adivce on where to fish on this large lake. The owner (Pat) was very helpful and knowledgeble on the best spots to hit for the Smallmouth Bass we wanted to target. He provided us with a detailed map of the lake and marked the areas we should work for the Smally's. If you are interestred in fishing this lake we recommend you stop by Pat's shop for the local fishing reports and advice

We discovered that the Bass were not all up on the beds yet and were staged well offshore. We caught some close in, but most were hooked up some 20 to 30ft from shore and all were on the EASTERN edges of the lake

The LIVINGSTON LURE proved to be the PERFECT bait for the conditions of the day and at the 5ft to 7ft depth levels these fish were suspended at. We cast this bait out and let it sit at the surface until the ripples subsided... twitched it a few times then retrieved it back at a speed needed to get it down to where the BASS could see it and HEAR it!. This lure has a chip inside of it that sends out a burst of sound that emulates baitfish... AWSOME! It must have worked because we caught a number of really nice fish with it throughout the day!!

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Watch Dan bring in a couple of Smallmouth Bass with the Livingston Lure!

Watch Dan bring in a couple of Smallmouth Bass with the Livingston Lure!

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