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Yamamoto 5" Green Pumpkin with Black Flake

fluke fishing with ball jigsWe travel to upper New York State in September for some outstanding Largemouth Bass action!

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Yamamoto Worms

Check out this video showing some BIG Smallmouth Bass caught on this "SAME" plastic worm!!

Big Smallmouth Bass on a plastic worm again

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To all Sport Fishing guys and gals!! If you are looking for a resource of some really good fishing gear being used by every day guys just like yourselves, then read on how theBASSguys, who have been testing fishing gear since 2013, can help you decide what to purchase, and what to ignore before spending YOUR hard earned dollars

If you have been to our site previously you will have noticed that we have been pushing soft plastic worm baits as our "GO TO" baits for Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass. We also posted video of us using this bait on YouTube and Facebook so our visitors can see just how well these baits produced some really nice fish for us.

There is a ton of baits on the market and we have probably tried them all at one time or another over the years and we cart them around wherever we go. But when these baits fail to generate the bite we ALWAYS switch to the soft plastic worm because this bait has NEVER failed to produce the hits we want.

Do yourself a favor and try a pack of the baits we recommend... the BASS love them and you will too!!


We think everyone in our sport would agree that it is very expensive to keep up with all of the products we would like to fish with so please consider supporting us as a Patron. Your support will help us purchase the fishing gear you might be interested in before you go out and spend YOUR hard earned money on them.

You can do this by signing up as one of our Patreons for as little as $1 to $5 a month. And as a Patron of theBASSguys you will also receive priority email from us alerting you to a new product we tested.

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