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This is what theBASSguys Do

theBASSguys provide manufacturers and suppliers of sport fishing products a NEW and TOTALLY different kind of marketing tool that is designed to help them promote their sport fishing products to thousands of anglers for FREE advertising!!

If you are looking for a BRAND NEW alternative to expensive advertising to promote your fishing gear then read on how theBASSguys can help you.

We will feature your fishing gear... rods, reels, lures, clothing boat equipment in full color still images and video for FREE advertising. You did not read this wrong! All we ask is that YOU provide FREE samples of your products for each of our team members to use on the numerous fishing trips we take to freshwater and back bay waters (4)!!

This is just a sample of what we can do via a video that we produce... Wild River Fishing Bag

We can get your sport fishing gear in front of thousands of anglers at a cost that only represents your out of pocket expense to manufacture four (4) products... where else can you go to get this kind exposure!

theBASSguys are every day sport fishermen who just enjoy the sport. And as regular guys we thought a new and different approach was needed to show anglers in our community how sport fishing products they want to purchase performs for everyday guys just like them, and in environments they can relate to. We do this by taking sport fishing products and use them just like a non-professional sport fishermen would use them. And we document all of this effort via "Custom Trip Pages" (see examples to the right ) with still images and video that we produce ourselves!

theBASSguys Press ReleaseWe can get your sport fishing gear in front of THOUSANDS of anglers at a cost that only represents your out of pocket expense to provide some of your products to theBASSguys... where else can you go to get this kind exosure! Oh! And by the way, we have over 5,000 Facebook Friends too!

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